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I could never find a dependable pool/spa service in my part of OC...that is until Amazing Pools & Spas took over!  Now I never have to give my swimming pool a second thought.

F.R. Anaheim Hills, CA

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Swimming pools can be wonderfully colored and beautifully decorated with various mosaics, rock formations, and water features.  However, without proper filtration your beautiful swimming pool would be nothing but a disease-ridden swamp that can host various types of insects and bacteria. 

In regards to determining what is best for the water in your swimming pool the difference in filters is based on the size of micron that is captured by it.  The human hair has a diameter of approximately 70 microns.  The smallest particle visible to the human eye measures at 40 microns.  Smaller in size is the red blood cell, measuring at 8 microns.  Even smaller still is a bacterium, measuring as small as 1 micron.  The smaller the micron captured by the filter, the better the filtration of the pool water.

There are three types of filters: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (D.E.). 

Sand filtration is the oldest type of water filtration dating back to the very first pools.    Sand filters were used to filter the water inside the roman bathhouses.  Sand filters push water through various grades of sand, capturing dirt and bacteria.  Sand is considered a permanent media, lasting between 5 and 15 years before replacement.  Sand filters can filter particles between 50 to 25 microns.

Cartridge filtration is the newest form of filtration.  Cartridge filters push water through pleated polyester or treated paper, where particles are captured.  Cartridge filters usually require about half the filter room as comparable sand or diatomaceous earth filters.  Cartridge filters are found on smaller pools and are utilized extensively for spa filtration.  The normal life of a cartridge element is about six months.  Cartridge filters can filter particles between 25 to 15 microns.

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) consists of tiny fossilized skeletons of small sea plankton.  D.E. is held against a cloth like material (known as a grid) by the pressure of the water, causing the grid to be coated.  As the water passes through the D.E., the suspended particles are trapped in the channels of the skeletal material.  D.E. cartridges can last between 1 and 3 years.  Regular filter cleanings can extend the life of the filter grids.  D.E. filters can filter particles between 6 to 3 microns

Although the sand filters can go longer periods before the sand must be recycled or replaced, the ability to let smaller bacterium go through the spaces in the sand makes it difficult to keep the water clear at times and can allow more stubborn algae to stay in the water longer.

The biggest problem with cartridge filters is the inability to get the cartridges completely clean.  If the cartridges are to be cleaned properly, they need to be scrubbed and left to sit for a day.  Most pool service companies cannot do this without charging more money.  They will typically spray the cartridges with water or some sort of detergent and place them back into the filter right away.  This process will not get the cartridges as clean as needed and more cleanings will be required.

The main complaint with D.E. filters is the mess that is sometimes associated with cleaning the grids.  However, based on our training and experience, we would recommend the use of D.E. filters for swimming pools because they provide the best filtration of your pool water and are worth the inconvenience that comes with cleaning them. 


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My wife and I had the hardest time trying to get a pool person who could change our green water back to blue.  We had two different pool guys come and promise they could get our green water back to blue but it never happened. We spent a lot of money with different pool companies and nothing seemed to work.  We heard about Amazing Pools through our neighbor. She said Ray made her water sparkle and they never had a problem with the quality of their water. I decided to call him in a last attempt effort to solve my pool problem. Ray showed up and was able to explain the problem to me in a way that I could understand. He told me that the pool would not get back to perfect overnight but he could bring the pool back. In less than one week my water went from green to crystal clear.   We have used Amazing Pools for three years now and needless to say my water has never looked bad again.   Thanks Amazing Pools!!!!

Tom & Denise, Cypress, CA

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